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Applying Lumetrix Color

Posted on January 25 2017

Applying Lumetrix Color

Pink Hair UpDo??

If you peruse through the popular hashtags on Instagram you’ve probably seen #PurpleHair, #PinkHair, #BlueHair, etc.. a time or two. Here at Salon Backbar we would like to inform our customers on the process of using our Lumetrix color line in an efficient and beneficial manner.

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Some students, staff, and guests are styling beautiful pink, purple, blue and silver locks to show the process and allow customers some insite on problems that may arise during the application process.  Let’s take a look as some of these looks! 



Hair was previously washed to lift out any residual products/oils, For Darker colors levels 1 to 5 a Powder Lightner or Creme Lightener and 20vol Developer can be used to pre-lighten the hair to achieve desired results.

After shampooing & conditioning with Avenas' Moisturizing line, you dry the hair back to it’s natural texture or up to 75% dry.


Mix 100g/1oz (1) of Lumetrix Permanent color (of your choice) + 100g/1oz (1) 20vol Developer and processed for 20-30 mins**.

After processing shampoo and condition with Avena’s Color protect Shampoo and Condtioner.

Follow up with colored shampoo/mask in 4 to 5 weeks after initial treatment*.


*Color endurance depend on specific colors, some fade out quicker than others.      **Timing Varries on hair Type, texture and porosity.



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